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Spring Olive

Spring Olive For many trout fishermen, the emergence of the large dark olive– traditionally known ...
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October Grayling Fishing

October 1st Grayling Fishing When trouting is over, and autumn is here, The days growing shorter ...
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Four High Summer Dries

Four High Summer Dry Flies High summer in the northern dales can often be a ...

Preben Torp Jacobsen

Preben Torp Jacobsen – Flyleaves A few months ago, whilst clearing out some junk from ...

North Country Spiders

Woodcock Hackles

Spring Olive


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Woodcock Hackles & North Country Spiders

Woodcock Hackles (Scolopax rusticola) The Woodcock is one of those quintessential North Country spider hackles, that ...

Fly Tying In Winter

Fly Tying In Winter In the Manchester Guardian of the 1920s, and later within his ...
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Edmonds & Lee Centenary

Edmonds & Lee Brook and River Trouting For generations of Yorkshire anglers, the tying and ...