W. K. Rollo – Fly Fishing in Northern Streams

Fly Fishing in Northern Streams In his 1924 publication Fly Fishing in Northern Streams, Lieut-Col ...

Horsehair Casts

Horsehair Casts & North Country Spiders A number of years ago I set out to ...
FlyfishingNorth Country Spiders

George Morrell North Country Angler & Schoolmaster

Arthur Ransome remarked that “Anglers, make fine old men”, and George Morrell, angler and schoolmaster ...

Dry Flies

Dry FliesFlyfishing

Dr William Baigent

I was introduced to the work of Dr William Baigent, by the author Nicholas Fitton, ...
Dry FliesFlyfishingNymphs

Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear

Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear The Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear features one of flyfishing’s most ubiquitous dubbing ...
Dry FliesFlyfishing

Catskill Dry Flies & The Charmed Circle

Catskill Dry Flies & The Charmed Circle of the Catskills I have always been fascinated ...



3 Grayling Flies

3 Grayling Flies With the trout season drawing to a close, an increasing number of ...

October Grayling Fishing

October 1st Grayling Fishing When trouting is over, and autumn is here, The days growing shorter ...
Dry FliesFlyfishingGraylingNorth Country SpidersNymphs

Fly Tying In Winter

Fly Tying In Winter In the Manchester Guardian of the 1920s, and later within his ...