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North Country Spiders - The Sliding Stream Flyfishing Blog

North Country Spiders

North Country Spiders and Soft-Hackle fly patterns have been around for hundreds of years. The traditional North Country flies have been very foundation of flyfishing in northern England, and the traditional north country spider patterns have influenced generations of anglers worldwide.
Read my series of flyfishing blog posts on a range of North Country Spiders and Soft-hackle fly patterns including fly patterns from T.E. Pritt, Edmonds & Lee, as well as soft-hackled flymph patterns from American anglers such as Leisenring, Hidy and Nemes. The Sliding Stream and North Country Flies.

North Country Spiders

A Guide to Choosing North Country Hackles

Choosing North Country Spider Hackles It goes without saying that to dress the finest of ...
North Country Spiders

The Pilkington Flies & Flytying Collection

Providence often takes a hand in the world of collecting vintage fishing tackle and flydressing ...
FlyfishingNorth Country Spiders

George Morrell North Country Angler & Schoolmaster

Arthur Ransome remarked that “Anglers, make fine old men”, and George Morrell, angler and schoolmaster ...
North Country Spiders

North Country Spiders – A Philosophy

I am a distant relative of a famous North Country angler/author. And this simple quirk ...
North Country Spiders

Waterhen Hackles & Spiders

Waterhen Hackles & North Country Spiders The Waterhen or Moorhen (Gallinula chloropus) is a common ...
North Country Spiders

Snipe and Purple

Snipe and Purple Spider The Snipe and Purple spider traditionally known as the Dark Snipe ...
North Country Spiders

Snipe Hackles and North Country Spiders

Snipe Hackles (Gallinago gallinago & Lymnocryptes minimus) Snipe hackles are synonymous with the tying of ...
North Country Spiders

Woodcock Hackles & North Country Spiders

Woodcock Hackles (Scolopax rusticola) The Woodcock is one of those quintessential North Country spider hackles, that ...
North Country Spiders

Seven North Country Spiders For A Season

Seven North Country Spiders For A Season It could be said that in 1916 with ...
Dry FliesFlyfishingNorth Country SpidersNymphs

Spring Olive

Spring Olive For many trout fishermen, the emergence of the large dark olive– traditionally known ...
North Country Spiders


The Lost Flies Of The Yorkshire Dales Part Two. In last post I began a ...
North Country Spiders

The Lost Flies of the Yorkshire Dales Pt1

The Lost Flies of the Yorkshire Dales The mere mention of a North Country spider ...